Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That time again....

Can you believe this chair is actually for word, that is one fancy potty.

I am guessing Love is ready to begin the ever fantastic journey to the world without diapers. I have put it off for a while now. She has been removing her diaper and standing by the potty and sometimes even going beside it. I humor her by putting her on it almost every time she asks. But, to me it is a waste of time...until tonight. Big Daddy thought she went last night when she sat on the potty. I didn't believe him. Tonight, she went to the potty, pulled her pants down and no one had been in the bathroom before her. I put her on the potty and it was music to my ears...she did it! She was so proud...well, not as proud as Big Daddy and I were, but still she had put it together.

I guess I am going to have to break down and actually put forth an effort to help this child or else she'll need some sort of counseling later in life. She has been in the "trying it out" stage for a few weeks now. I suppose we'll get serious soon. But, if she turns out not to be as into it as she seems and it doesn't work out in a timely manner...well, we are switching back to diapers. I've been the Mom who tries to force it to work and potty trained over a 6 month period...uh, not again, thank you very much :) Both the older girls were easy...almost too easy.

I am not a fan of the pull-ups, I do it all old school. Well, I make exceptions at first for outings and sleeping. Otherwise straight into panties, which is not a lot of fun to clean up and can be harmful to carpet. So, perhaps now we are in the rent house it is perfect timing for training after all, we won't get our deposit back anyway because of our need to move again so soon. Oh people, I am just kidding...I'd clean the carpets before we move out...ha!

I was really hoping my sister in law would have Bella completely trained before Love decided to get all serious and I could just drop Love off for some of her expert training...I mean, we are family, right? Now seriously, is that asking too much? I, myself, would consider it a compliment...Aunt hearing any of this? Call me...K? I've got her bag ready ;0)


mimi said...

Well, Sugar Momma I am so proud of my little Love. She is a real trooper and I feel sure she will get this. Maybe it will be her training herself as she seems to know what she wants right?Until then she could use a little assistance from you. I really don't want this to happen yet as I want her to stay my little love . But....guess she has to grow up some huh? Darn it . Love MIMI is proud of you and how big you want to become. Love you bunches.

Julz said...

Hey...just bring Love on over! Maybe her and Bella will ejoying training together and then it just might go alot quicker!