Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well, I decided to "hang" some outdoor lights tonight. Nothing special just a bunch of red lights in the bushes and trees. We couldn't talk Big Daddy into hanging them on the roof...too much trouble considering we close in 21 days on our new home! I still can't believe it.

They poured our driveway and sidewalk today...exciting times. It is funny, all of Hunter's friends keep us up on the happenings. In fact one of Hunter's friends was home sick today and he had to text him to let him know all about the new concrete. So, I thought I was going to be the bearer of great news when I picked him up. Nope. He already heard about it.

Back to tonight, I allowed Hope to take photos of our light putting up process. She is one random photographer. I can't include most of what she took but there are some surprises....some that if you look at the photo at first it looks like she missed it but once you move things or enlarge things...well, it is pretty amazing. Or at least to their mom they are ;0) I tried to get some of the girls too...I can't believe my first time through the photos I thought...shoot! I got nothing.

Just because she's so cute, you should have heard Hope coaching her...too funny.

I took this one...I thought considering we'd been in the cool air for about 30 minutes...this was good. This one I call....My girls

This is of Hope "dancing" in the front yard right after I lit all the lights....her face speaks to me...I love it!
This photo was supposed to be of Hope and Faith...Hope is hugging her big sister around the neck. Faith's eyes were closed but I couldn't help but notice the look on Hope's face....she loves her big sister.

This one was supposed to be of Love and Faith...Love closed her eyes but Faith has such a look of pride while posing with Love...I needed it too.
This last one was actually of Faith and Big Daddy horsing around and Love was just in the corner but the sweetness of Love was captured and I couldn't resist!
You may just see what I saw the first time through...and if you do, that's ok. But, all these unexpected little treasures in my photos made me think about life. How I can become so focused on the big picture for each day that I miss out on the gift that the moments of each day bring.
Oh...Faith is definitely on a blog high....thank y'all for your support of her "thinking out loud" and forgiving her grammatical errors...I started focusing so much on the capitalization and punctuation that I almost discouraged her from posting. So, I am letting go of that...what she does say has weight to it, and to be quite honest I am proud of her. She just lets go and I love to hear what is on her heart. Last time I checked her site had been hit 80 times...wow!

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