Monday, December 8, 2008

Well, Well, Well.....

*Update*Love slept the entire night in panties!! No more diapers!!
Miss Love is rockin' the potty training!! Can I get a woot! woot! ? Miss Love has had two completely accident free, pantie wearing days!! PTL!! Miss Thing - almost 3 completely accident free days, she had one small one at the Christmas parade...not bad, eh? I expect there still to be an accident here and there but she's got it and it hurts her feelings even when I put a diaper on her at night...she wakes up dry in the morning and woke up from her nap to go to the bathroom, so tonight will be her first night without the diaper...considering she is still in our could be quite interesting...or wet...which ever way you'd like to interpret it.

The Christmas parade was quite anemic except for seeing Santa as he drove by...well, his float drove by. Ok, remember a while back when I complained about all the pee wee teams and advertising cars...bring 'em back...we need filler in our parade around here. I have been to the one in the big city...and y'all it totally makes ours look plain pitiful.

Santa (from the parade) pointed right at Hope (or at least she thinks he did) and she leaned over to me and said, "He knows my name..."...omigoodness.

Love...she was in Faith's room, who happened to have random items of makeup around her room...well, she found some black lipstick from Halloween or something and she did herself up real good...2 minutes before we left for church on Sunday morning....she looked so purrrrty!
I have to give her props...the lips they are completely it went way wrong went she went in for the beard...perhaps she was thinking shepard boy?

And lastly, I came into the living room and Love had two of my laundry baskets turned upside down and proceeded to sit upon them and play. She had Hope's "laptop" out and my cellphone beside her...such a good little secretary ;)

P.S. They put in our garage door opener, our carpet, our sod and landscaping and put our fence up...all today! That my friends is what they call gettin' with it :0)

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Julz said...

Ok...I agree with you. I am convinced that just panties is the way to go and no pull ups! Bella does better with just panties!