Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day Without School...

I know what your thinking...boy that didn't last long!
But, we actually had an ice day here and public school was closed so...we did it up right. It isn't often we have everyone home for such a long stretch of time without work, school, errands or illness. So, we had a big breakfast, played games, watched movies and just hung out. It was a great day and I know the Lord knew we could sure use some good uninterrupted quality family time. Such a gift :)

On another note...we all watched Fireproof last night, well all but the little girls and it overwhelmingly was a hit. If you haven't seen it and are big into blockbuster type movies this one is done by volunteers so there is a little adjustment period before you may settle completely into the movie. How refreshing to see a film that actually cares enough about the commitment of marriage to do an entire movie about how to save one or even how to breathe new life into a stale one. The book that the main character goes through is The Love Dare. I hope to add it to our collection soon....I dare you to do the same :) Here is a video that does a much better job of describing it:

And yet another note...Faith is reading this:
She is soooo excited about it. She finishes a chapter and then tells me her favorite part about the book. So far she has seen the reality that a God honoring relationship is very difficult to have. Even what seems harmless can take parts of your heart that you didn't even realize you were giving away. The part so far to stick in her mind is a dream of a young lady who is getting married. She is there with her groom, he has her hand and then a string of 6 other ladies on the other side of him standing with him at the altar and she asks why they are here. He tells her that each one took a piece of his heart. She tells him she thought that she had his heart and he told her she does...all that is left of it. Isn't that the truth? That even at a young age you can give away parts of yourself (not even physically) and not be the person that God intended you to be as a husband or a wife. This book is powerful and relevant and I am thrilled she is not only reading it but truly understanding what we have tried to teach her. Needless to say, it has my endorsement, for what it is worth :)


Julie said...

I love that movie!!!! Now thatit is out on dvd we will be buying a copy! Don't laugh...but I cried like a baby watching it. Did you?

shaley said...

Cassie and I both read "I kissed dating goodbye" it was very helpful. I would say it had a %100 success rate :) Well that is if Cassie can hang in there! I havent seen fireproof, mabe Kelsey and I will watch it together.