Monday, January 26, 2009

Wonderful First Day of Class X 2...

Well today marks our very first day of homeschooling. Can I share with you something? I am worn out! But my heart is filled with thankfulness that we were able to get through it. I won't lie to you...we had a bit of a rocky start. But, at the end of the day, we ended on a high note. And our little Faith - far brighter than she lets on. It amazed me to ask her the open ended questions at the end of her first sections and the answers she shared....amazed. I can tell you this she learns VERY well one on one. The curriculum we chose for her is filled with scripture and I love it! Now that is a concept...teaching on the very principles that this country was founded on...hmmm. Oh, and a little tidbit for separation of church and state here :)

Had my very first class for the Esther study...y'all I am so excited I want to do my whole week of homework tonight after everyone is asleep...I am not even joking. I will refrain and do it daily. The video series tonight - sooo good. Did you know that in the book of Esther that there is NOT one reference to God...nowhere in it. I am sure I knew that at one point but apparently it didn't make that big of an impression on me before. Tonight it was most all I could think about.

Now I know that Beth is big on not letting herself be the idol or the one which we get caught up in during the study...that she is merely the vessel. It can be hard not to get so tied up in her and what she has been allowed to open so many eyes and ears to. I really would love to have her as a mentor...can you even imagine? But, since I can't be there one on one I will gladly share these 9 weeks with her. I just love her....really I love what she does for me in my walk...using His Word and her gift she pokes my embers...gets my fire going real good again...brings me on a journey to love Him even more or understand Him on a new and deeper level. She sharpens my iron :)


shaley said...

Man I am so jealous! We aren't getting to start Esther till the spring! But hopefully i will get to go to the El Paso conference coming up, depends on if I get a new job. Im with you on wishing Beth was my mentor, she just gives me the encouragement to never give up on this wild goose chase. Im so happy for you and Kyndall, did you read Melissa's post "Cheers to the Doer" on the Living Proof blog, it was such an encouragement to me, I want to print it out and give it to everybody who's risking it for the Lord. Im sure this is going to be a challenging journey for yall but so worth the effort. Love yall, hopefully we can come visit again soon! Shaley

Angie said...

I'm so glad to hear that your first day of HS with Faith was such a blessing. I homeschool, too, and it is so much work. But I wouldn't trade those moments for anything...other times, I try to run after that yellow bus! :) Enjoy Esther. I've heard it's an amazing study. I just started "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World". I'm such a Martha!