Monday, January 19, 2009

Fried Hard Drive and Home School

Quite the title, huh?

Oh y' lap top's hard drive is fried. Thank goodness my sister's boyfriend is a computer man...he has hooked me back up but he may not
be able to get my photos off of has all my photos of our trip to China to receive our sweet Love and about 1000

So, we will be getting the new hard drive tonight, yes! But those photos have me a little bit upset. I vow now to never ever put them straight on my computer...they will be sent directly external. It is heartbreaking but again makes me thankful beyond belief to even have a blog. I had made the 15 minute slide show of Hope from when we first met until her 3rd year...thank goodness and that is saved for good :) And we had Love's blog with some photos but there are some that I don't put on there that I love, I will recover if in fact we lose them forever but it will hurt...a lot.

Other big news...Faith will be home with me full time beginning next Monday. I will be homeschooling her. I know. I know. I. Know. It is something that I had almost vowed against completely almost campaigned against for our own home. You know the "I am not disciplined enough", "I am not smart enough", "I don't have the time or the patience", "They need to be in the world now to survive in the world as an adult", "How can you minister to the world if you yourself can not function in it". If you can think of a reason...I have either thought of it or said it out loud. And this isn't a slam to home school moms and families...I admire you, I always have. I just never pictured myself as one.

So the why...well, to be completely honest..she has been begging us to take her out of public school for months. She has shared so much with us and knows she is drowning in the world...I feel like we will fail her if we don't throw her the life preserver. It unfortunately is more of a social and surroundings issue than that of an educational issue. But it is affecting her education immensely now. I know there will be those that completely disagree with our decision. I understand and have probably had those thoughts myself. However, please know it has been covered in prayer and our family has been covered in prayer. So knowing that and with very intense consideration we all have such a peace about it. Which I certainly did NOT have before. Faith has a spirit of relief as well. Of course she has been away from school for 3 days now for the extended weekend.

And y'all, the ones of you who went to school here in our have NO idea just how much things have is mind blowing. I could not begin to make this stuff up. It will make your stomach turn.

I guess the thing that has been on my mind most has been something my good friend Shay just reminded me of lately. That our daughters are being abused by society...television, internet, views toward young girls sexually that are far more accepted, the expectations to be sexy even as a young girl, the world is devouring their innocence...well the ruler of this world is. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 Now it is our job to pour the Word into her half empty cup. To overflow her cup with the love of Christ, to help her remember she is the DAUGHTER of the KING. I can be far more effective controlling what enters her heart and her mind in our house full time. I know the current condition of her heart and she is wounded. She is growing weary. She needs to be renewed, refreshed and restored....and I know just the One to do it ;)

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Aunt Jan said...

I am behind you 100%. I know she can do whatever she puts he mind to.I'm so glad that she has a Godly Mother who is willing to not only sacrifice for her education, but also her spiritual walk. I have no doubt that you will be a GREAT TEACHER! Looking back, I wish I would have done the same for my boys.---Jan