Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a Sec....

Hey y'all!

I just wanted to stop in for a sec and let you know we are doing fabulously! We have been without Internet for a while...since the last post...we will be getting the hook up this Friday!! PTL! Is that totally selfish to say that? I think not...praise Him in all things...I know he cares about my Internet connection. It has become the portal to so many new, established and rekindled friendships, a place to collect thoughts and a scrapbook for our family.

So, this weekend I should be all caught back up. I have had sooo much to tell you guys. And though I knew it was going to make momentous posts (at least for me) this mind of mine has done purged and reset.

We did completely move out of the rent house on New Year's Eve and hosted a small little soiree that same evening...I have such forgiving family and friends...the house was a WRECK. So we are still moving in, and I fear it will take longer than I had anticipated with all the new Christmas toys the little girls received. Where to put them...and I have already phased out the other toys it is just toys are so much bigger now.

Well, I could sit here and ramble but I really must go and check up on my emails....3340 of them...mostly junk but still to filter through them is so tedious.

Until Friday...I have missed you guys so much!

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Julie said...

COME ON FRIDAY!!!! I have missed reading all your great writing. What a gift you have!