Monday, February 2, 2009

Because She Knows...

This little Love here is so precious to me. Up until recently every time I left she would want to go with me. She didn't care where we were going...she just wanted to "Go!" You'd hear her start to say "Yackit" (jacket) over and over and head for the door if I went to put my coat on and she heard my keys. She'd likely cry if I left without her...which I hardly ever did. But the last several times I have left her. Not a tear shed. She blows me lots of kisses and waves to me and says..."Bye".

You know that just blesses me so much. It just makes my heart smile. Not because she no longer wants to go with me every time I walk out the door...but, because she knows that I will always return to her and she is completely secure in knowing that. Trust it is beautiful thing baby girl :)

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