Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well, Big Daddy was busy, busy, busy this weekend. He was a part of the Disciple Now "Storm" 2009 at church. Our church hosted over 600 kids from this area and from what I went incredibly well, even better than that...I heard awesome from several people. I am a smidge jealous about all the good messages he heard but I am alright with it. Needless to say he was gone from 5pm-1:20am Friday and then 7:35am-6:50pm Saturday...we missed him A LOT but knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be.

We had my nephew and niece over most of the day and all the evening. Good conversation, good pizza, even good St*rbucks :) We played a little Guesstures...the girls totally beat the boys...not bragging or anything...just saying ;) Oh, we let them do their Love Language assessments...I don't know about you but finding out that people like to be loved differently than I do and things that make you feel loved don't necessarily make me feel loved...well, that there is enlightening! So...can I just give a shout out?

Matt: I love your shirt. It really compliments your eyes. You sing very well and are a great Dad to your dogs. Your a super cousin to my kids...they love you, as do I :)

Heather: I love you so much the next time I see you I am gonna mop your floor or wash your dishes. Girl, I'll even do both :) Still laugh every time I think of you doing "seizure" last may have missed your calling ;)

Pastor Jerry had a great word for us all on Sunday and it was so encouraging. It was about being the church God intended us to be. Specifically about being in community, small group form with no masks on, no gaps of who you pretend to be and who you really are, coming together and doing life with fellow believers with all our "junk" out there for the group to not only know but to come along side of us arm in arm and help us be the people God intended us to be...loving each other no matter their/our sin or struggles...just loving them and accepting them...but loving them so much you want better for them, won't let them stay in that place and agree to help them, support them and just "do life" with them and vice versa. Sounds like a place I want to be :)

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