Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun Little Bug...

Rotavirus...ever heard of it? If you have ever experienced it through one of your children...I promise, you won't forget it. Love has been sick with the Rotavirus now for a few days...thankfully we are on the tail end of it.

Her diet has consisted of two things...flat Ginger ale and Popsicles. She won't even touch anything else. When she is feeling OK, she still plays well. With the incredible weather, I have let her play in the backyard. But, at night when her fever gets to 104+ ...well, it just isn't fun.
Supposedly it is a virus aimed at children 2-0. They actually have a vaccine for it but since Love was 21 months when we brought her home, she missed out on the coverage. That me when I say that - it is meant to be literal :)


Karen said...

awww... bless her heart! I sure hope she's feeling completely better now! She sure looks cute in the picture :-)

Shandra said...

I am glad she is feeling better. I had to share this. LuLu caught this virus when we were celebrating her first birthday at Disney. We could not get her fever under control to get her home. It was awful! I have never had such a sick child. I have to say I am glad we are almost out of the woods of ever catching that one again. We spent a little more time on vacation that year than we wanted to. We had to stay 4 extra days before she could fly home. We almost rented a car and drove back.