Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Faith!!

My sweet Faith,

Where does the time, really, where does the time go?
Let's see...13 years ago today was one of the happiest days of my life. We really thought you were going to be a Valentine baby as my labor started right smack dab in the middle of a church banquet your Daddy and I were attending. It was funny, the table watched me like crazy and were timing my contractions...something was going on for sure. We went to the hospital and we had a huge, glorious room. But, I wasn't progressing enough to stay. So, about 5 hours later we returned (yep, you showed them!) and all the 'beautiful suites' were gone...girl, you were born in a room the nurses and doctor referred to as the manger. Which now, is kinda cool. It was a very small supply room, the air conditioning didn't work and it was crowded. But, how many people can say that their daughter was born in the manger? I should have know by your entrance you were going to be a handful!

You were just the most precious thing growing up. Totally Pink...into everything girl you can imagine. You loved dress up, princesses, dolls, ballet and tap and girl...could you put on a show singing! You were entertainment. Of course, you could also play soccer like a mad woman :)

Every time I look at you now I think back to those days and wonder where my little girl has gone. Gone are the days of pigtails and baby dolls but new days have come. Days where we can actually have a meaningful conversation about issues, important issues. I love how when you believe in something you believe with your whole heart. How you understand choices of today very much affect your tomorrow. You have an understanding of the importance of not only knowing but loving your God. You can write a worship song like no one I know...because you do it with your heart. Which, baby girl, is where it is all at.

I appreciate your strong-will. Sometimes I think it is going to kill me but I do appreciate it. I know soon enough it will serve you well not only to share your beliefs but to stand up for them. You are funny, not just silly funny but witty. You have mad timing skillz when you deliver your little humor too. You have compassion for people. You understand that this life is bigger than your circumstances. You have been the most incredible big sister...your love for them surpasses any expectation. While I'd love nothing more than for my baby girl to stay little, I am very much looking forward into seeing the woman you will become....but I'm in no hurry.

So, a few suggestions from someone who has been there and done that...Don't get in a hurry to grow up. Enjoy your youth. Life is too short to not have fun, be silly, act your age. Don't live your life trying to be what other people expect you to be. Don't speak poorly of someone else to lift your own really only brings you down. Learn to control your tongue...there is not one single thing you own that could do more damage. Make thoughtful choices. Don't change who you are to please someone else. Don't pretend to be someone you are not. Beauty will not be found in the clothes or the make up you wear. You are fearfully and wonderfully made...You are beautiful Faith. Being has nothing to with money. I think of the wealthiest people I know, their bank accounts are not full of money.

You have had my heart from the moment I laid eyes on you. There is no one on Earth who loves you more than I do. I am excited to see you leave your mark on this world...and that time has come sooner than I thought it would. You are at the age now where what you say and do will have impact. You are no longer a child but a teenager. Your thoughts are important, the way you love people speaks volumes and the actions you take will be seen. I am so proud of the young lady you are becoming, I love you!!

So, welcome to the beginning of your teenage years...hold on tight, take pictures, take notes...they are gonna fly by! baby girl is a TEENager....
Love you more!!

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