Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Month to Live...

We started a church wide campaign this Sunday with this book. Pastor Jerry is doing a 6 week series on Sunday mornings, we are doing the dvd series in small groups on Sunday nights and we are doing our 'homework' daily.

I realize this title may rub a few of us the wrong way...would you even wanna know if you only had only 30 days to live? Well, I have asked myself that very question and my answer is absolutely! This is going to be a journey that I need to travel, that we need to travel as a couple, as a family, as a small group, and as a church body. I'll even venture out and say as the entire church body -it is not so much the book or the authors but the message. It isn't anything you haven't probably thought about yourself...it just usually, at least for me, never goes past a thought. So, we are accepting the challenge for the next 6 weeks...there I said it...hold me accountable...I pray the difference will be seen on its own and not one of you will have to ask me what has changed.

What if I really only had 30 days to live (and only God knows)...what would I change? It brings me to tears to even think about it. Because I have no idea when I will draw my last breath...and I haven't been living like it - not truly appreciating all the little moments that make up my day. I mean really loving with abandon. I have more to share but right now, there is a little one sitting here beside me, seeking my affection and y'all...being real here...if it were 30 days from now I'd regret what I am doing while she sits next to me waiting.

More later...

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