Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pure Joy

Yes, pure joy just watching our little girls play so happily on their swing set.
On another note, Love has yet another ear infection. While at the doctor yesterday we had a section of open seats around us. It looked like maybe the parents were a tad bit unsure of what Love may have. I guess it could look contagious and a little scary while it is healing. I made a joke about it to the nurse, that I felt like I needed to hold up a sign explaining Love's circumstance..but even she didn't know that the marks were from a laser. We saw a different pediatrician as ours was out for 1/2 day and that doctor didn't know either. I would think it wouldn't be unheard of in the medical community, especially pediatrics where they tend to treat these conditions early. I was a bit surprised.
One more thing...our home phone doesn't work(thanks to the washing machine...don't ask) it is ringing off the wall and no one leaves a if you are trying to reach us, either leave a message or try our cell phones, please.

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