Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, don't these two look too cute? Running late for church, again, dern it.

  • Went to Best B*y today with our fried hard drive. And yep, they told me it is fried. But for the cost of anywhere between $299-$1600 they should be able to get our photos off. They have to send it away. Whew! The photos are costly, I know. But, how many times have I said they are priceless? They are all our photos of Love from the time we met her until our computer died about a month ago. They are all the history we have as a family. We think it is pretty important, well, we know it is. How do you not put your money where your mouth is? I mean, a child who will have such limited access to her beginning - how could we limit her beginning as a Harris? Simply, we can't. Call us crazy...we might agree.

  • Don't think I didn't find Big Daddy and ask him to start praying about our photos being recovered, and I did have Love pray with me while we were waiting. Y'all I about hit the floor right there in the Geek Sq*ud area. The lady next to me was fixated on me when I opened my eyes. At first, I thought, how materialistic can I be? They are just photos. But, I know how much photos mean to us and I am sure they will be important to our little Love as well.

  • Needless to say, my prayer was answered, perhaps I should have suggested a more comfortable price range...oh people, I am just kidding.

  • Officially introduced to Facebook yesterday -that is a crazy little place, ya know? You guys are all apart of it, aren't you? I admit it is fun how it connects you with people you might have things in common with and then tries to introduce you to your 'friends' people. To say it is interesting would be selling it short, but it is free, which makes it more fun.

  • I don't have time to facebook, I spent a couple of hours on there in a matter of minutes - time flew by!

  • I got to 'chat' with some of my old friends from high school and college.
  • I personally am not too excited about how facebook puts your bidness out there for all to see. All that you say, all that others say to you, even what groups you is a bit like being in a fishbowl. Does that not creep anyone else out? I may be too conservative for that atmosphere, only time will tell.


babymama said...

Hi mama! I haven't seen your blog in a couple of weeks and I have never noticed the markings on Love's face until I saw the pictures from after her last treatment. What's going on? Is she okay? Poor baby girl! I just love reading your entries, they always remind me of the joys in my own life - my children :)

And it also helps to keep me grounded... you have a great family!

Angie said...

Oh, my goodness, I've never seen two little girls with so many matching hairbows! I remember that from being in China with you getting our girls. I just can't find them up here...usually have to wait for Grandma to bring some from S. Carolina! Hope and Love are just precious!