Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy One Year Forever Family Day Love!!

*note to self-Lullaby,My Wish, What a Wonderful World

One year ago today we were in Wuhan, Hubei, The People's Republic of China meeting our little girl for the very first time. She had already captured our hearts...we were madly in love with this little girl we had read about and stared at through photos. It was a foggy, rainy and cool day. She had on her traditional clothing, she had three cute little pigtails and a hard pink pacifier in her mouth. She was wild and crazy. She looked us over and decided with Hope things would be ok. She identified with Hope very quickly. She was accepting food from us, allowing us to hold her and love on her. She liked to be bounced and loved to throw her self backwards while we were holding her. She would sweetly stare into our eyes, lean her head back and give the most powerful headbutt known to a child her size. It caught us off guard and we learned quickly to take cover when that look appeared. We believe it was all out of love...she wasn't doing it to be mean or to be hurtful, she would smile and laugh and we couldn't help to think...God is sooo good! She is a Harris through and through :)She had a ready smile and eyes that would dance as she tested the water with us. Just to finally hold her precious little face in my hands after only holding her pictures for almost 8 months. My heart had ached to squeeze her, kiss her, hug her, tell her how much we loved her and longed for her. We were instantly smitten. It was just such a sweet, sweet day.

Our time in China was priceless. To see her province, to enjoy her foods, to hear her language, to be immersed in her culture...time that we needed as a family. But soon enough we were on our way back home to the US with our newest addition. We were so proud to have her in our arms :) That adorable 20 month old daughter of ours was finally home. Her transition was so much easier than we had hoped and prayed for. We had figured her being almost 2 she may have had more of an opinion and might have preferred her life as she knew it. She bonded beautifully and not one of us can fathom life without her in it.

I can not believe Love has been home with us for one year now...it is unreal how quickly time flies. It has been one of the most amazing years of our lives. There is just no greater gift than the gift of a child. We are truly appreciating every moment with each of them. I am so thankful that the plan I had once laid before us was not the plan the Lord had in store for us. How much greater are His ways than our ways...living proof right here in the Harris home :)

My Sweetest Love,

Our lives were changed forever the moment we laid eyes on you. You had us immediately in your sweet little hand. You are such a blessing! You are incredible joy, you are beautiful both in features and spirit. You are such a delightful and outgoing child. You can light an entire room with your smile. You are bright and active and amazing. You are the cutest little shadow. You are my love bug, my heart, my Love...my precious little baby girl.

How I managed life without you in it I will never know.

I love you more than all the stars in the sky!


Anonymous said...

To my precious Love we are so blessed to have you. You have showed us love is bigger than all the stars in the world. You are the most pleasant child full of fun, laughter, songs, kisses, hugs, you just make life a joy. BiBi (MIMI) is so proud of you . It is exciting watching you learn new words because sweetie you have a way with our hearts we know we will have the greatest smartest little girl in Texas well, next to Hope Faith Hunter you are in the top running right.Yeah.

Faith said...

You have changed our whole family's life in so many great ways! You are so great to have as a sister I love you to death and always will lil sis:)


Angie said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Little Love sounds like a sweetheart. Your family is so blessed...and I just love the photo of her enjoying her first slushie with the spoon sticking out of her little mouth! Blessings, Angie