Thursday, March 19, 2009

Party Animals...

No, I am not talking about my teenagers :) We took the 4 kiddos to the zoo for a day to honor Love's one year forever family day.
Needless to say the two older ones, they weren't sold on the idea of going. Lesson learned...if they say they don't want to go - don't waste your funds or fun on trying to make them enjoy it. Hunter about had a coronary going through the exhibits. Of course, it was a full house, walking among tons of people, hot, and needing a lunch break. But we were trying to make it through so we could leave the zoo. His biggest concern was a hair cut appt. he could have had at 3 that we knew we wouldn't make so we had changed totally robbed him of a good day. So concerned with the hair prior to a few days camping among my dad and nephews...what is up with that?! So, Big Daddy and I finally accepted - He's just not that into zoo....get it? Oh, you know, the movie that is out...He's just not that into was funny to me :)The little girls had a blast! The weather was perfect, the view was good. They both managed fairly equal time upon Big Daddy's shoulders. I would say Hope is at the most fantastic age for the zoo...she could have stayed all day and never had a thought about being bored, tired or hungry. She was making comments and asking all kinds of questions. We will be taking her back soon...solo or with Love. She wasn't thrilled about touching anything just yet. She most liked the giraffes. Interesting. Love enjoyed the snacks far more than the animals but she did like to watch the animals in movement. She could have passed on watching the lion and lioness sleep or the pig or the deer, well, they were all pretty well napping. Faith, she had to have her cell phone out...snapping photos of the animals and sending them to friends...or maybe she was texting the elephants. She and the friends always manage to text as they stand 5 feet away from one another. That drives me nuts...but that is a whole different subject.That evening we went to dinner for Chinese food...Love loves Panda E*press so we had dinner there to celebrate one year of LOVE! Have I told y'all lately how much we treasure this beautiful blessing of ours? Oh, I have? Good, then we are all caught up :)

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