Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hope's Season Opener...

Miss Love is almost as proud of Hope as she is her blue gum.
The number one most important question...."Which way are WE going?""Which way are WE GOING?"
Grumpy snuck off with Love for a trip to the concessions stand for a bribe, uh-hum...I mean snack ;)
Just the sweetest little faces and hands...playing pat-a-cake while waiting for their turn to score!

Hope had a fantastic game today. She scored 5 or 6 times..not really sure. She is a mad woman when it comes to the game. She is also a very generous teammate :) She wanted so badly to take the ball away from her team but she would stay a few feet from them until the ball got out of their control and she would take over. It would either be her or the opposite team...may as well be her. She has improved in her ball hogging tendencies. She is just a natural athlete. She is pretty incredible to watch and she even anticipates where the ball is headed next. I am so proud of her...she tries her hardest every practice and game and she just looks so stinkin' cute doing it :)

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