Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prayer Request....

There is just something about being a Mommy that helps you identify with almost all issues another mom may experience...at least for me. I often hear and read things about others and it is just natural for me to 'try them on' my own family, my own life, my own children. You know where you put yourself in another's situation. I tend to think most Moms are like that. I think it grows my heart, helps me feel the elation of another's joy, the confusion of another's circumstance or the ache of another's pain. That being said...

Please pray for Mck Mama (Jennifer) and her beautiful miracle Mck Muffin (Stellan) and their family. He is in the hospital unexpectedly and has a heart that needs healing. He has an amazing miracle story you can read on her blog...your heart will be touched. Lord, there is no doubt you can work another miracle...YOU are just that big.

Click here (My Charming Kids) to read more and get updates on Stellan's condition.

Love you all

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