Thursday, March 5, 2009

Trash Talk...

See those two lovely white bags of trash? Well, they are ours. And yes, I normally put them inside another stronger black bag. But, we are out and I haven't visited WM this week. Do you see the birds...there was an entire swarm of them overhead.

Now those SEAGULLS have not only poked several massive holes in our garbage but have managed to take off with a few good finds - at least in their pea sized minds. What in the world are the seagulls here for?? I don't think we live near a pond much less a lake...what brings them to my trash? Well, 'member that lovely little rotavirus Love had? Apparently it is much more potent that I had originally stated. There could possibly be an outbreak of rotavirus in the seagulls very on the lookout. And no, that wasn't me that you saw in the middle of the street as you dropped your kids off at school picking up mutilated and disgusting diapers in front of our home....why me Lord?

1 comment:

Julie said...

I thought that was you that I saw!LOL!!