Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How's the Choppers?

How do you like the title? When I used to work as a temporary I heard that one a lot...especially from the old school guys. It always made me smirk...it is just so corny.

3 of the 4 kiddos went to the dentist today for their 6 month prophy and exams. They all did great. In fact, Love even tolerated the entire visit!! She had her teeth checked, polished, and even a fluoride application. She is such a big girl. There are grown grandmas more fearful of the dentist (shout out to Mi Mi). I love that all my children feel completely comfortable at the dentist. It proves to be beneficial to start them young...even if they are only watching big sister or brother. Not only does it begin laying their oral care foundation and familiarity with the staff and office but it encourages them to take a sense of ownership in their dental health. That to me is important! I mean truly a person's smile speaks volumes...it doesn't have to be the straightest or the whitest but to have a dirty mouth...well, there is just no excuse. Of course, that is the dental hygienist in me rising up...I think I might miss my profession just a little ;)

Love's check up was perfect, Hope has a tiny pit of decay (due to an enamel deficiency) and Faith...well, he said..."She's ready for braces!" Oh Lord, could you spot a girl a thousand....or five?

Hunter goes tomorrow for his orthodontist check up, prophy and exam...he had the math TAKS test today and we had to reschedule. Truth be told, he'd have rather been in the dental chair.

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Anonymous said...

No need to relay my fears daughter but....they are so true. I am proud of my girls and how brave they are. Hunter did break a wire yesterday and I hope it gets fixed today it is very sharp. I love my grandkids and am proud of how courageous they are in the dentist chair. Give me some of your nerves mine are shot. Mimi(BeBe)