Sunday, April 5, 2009

Faith Has Some Game Too :)

She's on it..
Great Knee Block

Ummm...she actually won this little battle
Go Faith!
Now, that is what I call twisting some one's arm to play...shouldn't there have been a whistle?

Faith is having a season of humility. She has always rested on her past performance on all the teams she has ever played on. This season she moved up ahead of her own age bracket and these coaches have had the same team for 8 needless to say, she has to prove her self. She started out with 5 minutes per half, then went to 10 minutes per half, now she plays much more than she sits but she is still fighting for her position. While I would love nothing more than for her to play the entire game sometimes it takes a good humbling to appreciate your position, not only on the field but in life in general. I love seeing her fight for it...putting in extra practice, focusing, really committing to it. I think she is truly experiencing the fruits of her labor. It has been years since Faith has had a coach that wasn't taken back by her performance...especially her speed. These coaches have not really seen her run full throttle - we are dying for her to Just Do It! I have threatened being one of those embarrassing moms that screams random things at their "Hey Faith...Got Your Wheels On?!!" Can you even imagine...oh, the horror. Don't think it isn't a tactic in my back pocket though. Just kidding...well....sorta ;)

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