Sunday, April 5, 2009

She Shoots...She Scores...X12!!!

Leading the Pack...the girl can dribble like a mad woman
She Scores Again!
You Can't Push Her Down From Behind...
Or Even From the Side...
This Girl is Unstoppable :)
Another Break Away
Hope had another fabulous game Saturday. Yep, she scored 12 goals...not that I was counting. Her Daddy was though - just like a man ;) She has a way with the ball. She just really gets it. After about goal 5 I started feeling a little bad for not only the other team but our own team. She only took the ball from one of our girls and in her was quite a few feet in front of the other girl. She seems like she is out of her league but in fact she is one of the youngest on the team, she maybe the youngest. She had quite the audience. Both of her great grandmothers were there and all 4 of her grandparents, her aunt and baby cousin. She put on quite a show. Most importantly the girl had a blast! She has already asked several I have soccer tomorrow?

Oh, and just for grins...look at one of her cutest little fans!!

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