Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am going to play catch up with the past. I have almost fallen off the blog wagon. It is a mess of a life we live...a beautiful mess but a mess no less ;) To say my brain has been in a fog would be an understatement. I can't seem to keep up lately.

I blame it on my low calorie, no results diet. Big Daddy and I have been on a diet since the Monday after Easter. He has lost 13 pounds and he tends to be a cheater. I have lost maybe 2 max. Generally, I don't cheat at all...but this past weekend - I made up for lost time.

Let's see....Mother's Day - We hosted a family get together at our home. We had invited our mothers and grandmothers over for a family style supper. My mother-in-law had just recently had surgery and wasn't able to make it over like she originally had thought. She is still in some pain even now. Poor thing. My grandma Totsie had too many visitors of her own making their way to her house to come over. Well, we had brisket, ribs, coleslaw, yummy cheesy potatoes and baked beans (sort of), rolls and big red cake!! It was delicious and yes, I may have cheated on my diet this day also ;) I received the best gift ever - homemade cards, a special flower arrangement my 4 year old made me and a gift card with cash to the movies!! They love me, they really love me :)

My grandmother won "The Wisest (read oldest) Mother" in church award. She is 87 and had everyone beat. It tickled her so much we are still hearing about it. She just kept saying..."That was so nice of him (our pastor), to do that for me. I haven't had a man do something nice like that in a long time." It was sweet y'all...I'm not gonna lie. She "won" $20 gift card to Cr*cker Barrel. She was thrilled to say the least.
I thought this was a good picture of my Mom and her Mom...or my Ma-Ma :)
And this little squirt...she is going to make one incredible mom some day. She loves little Jace with every fiber in her being. Can you appreciate the joy in her eyes over him? She just hovers over him almost non-stop. She can't help but be near him - it is just the sweetest thing. We spent this past weekend, all three days of it watching Faith in another tournament. The results weren't nearly as good and it rained most of the games on Saturday - she was soaked! See this pic, it makes me smile. The purple girl or "red cleats" as we refer to her, she is usually her teams high scorer. Faith had her number and shut her down every time! This girl towered over her too. I was so proud of my girl. She looks pretty tough, huh? They finally moved "red cleats" so she could get some action.

Yesterday, Big Daddy, the little girls and I all went south to sign some papers. WE SOLD OUR LAND!! Y'all - I am over the top excited about this!! Big Daddy, well, not as much. I will have to say, he completely saved our retirement. He pulled out a lot of stock to buy this land and right after he did - it tanked big time. He is ready to re-invest now while it is still pretty low. I am so thankful to kiss that payment good bye! Yesterday was the first day I have even seen the land. I signed papers for it when we bought it but I never cared enough to see it. It was beautiful. Big Daddy had A LOT of work done on it. Many a deer was shot on that land, sniff...sniff, tear. I know he and the kids will not go without a place to hunt and fish. It is a big part of who they are. They love it.

Can I just say...
Big Daddy, never have I loved you more than when you stopped yesterday on our way home to help that elderly couple change their tire. We were on a back country road, miles from a town, and their trailer tire had gone flat. Big Daddy made a U-turn after we passed them and rolled down his window and asked the woman (who looked like she was about to have a heat stroke) with that big signature grin of his, "Could I help you folks?" And she answered in a relieved tone, "Well, that sure would be nice." Her poor little husband, 83, I think he said, was having a hard time just bending his back to get down to change it much less actually have the strength to do it. Big Daddy came back and just about knew their life story in the 10 minutes it took him. He's special that way. That sweet man tried to pay him but he just wouldn't have it. Y'all, did I already tell you that my love language is acts of service - come to find out - they don't even have to be for me!

Big Daddy is probably gonna have a fit when he sees this. He doesn't want the credit. But, it's my blog and I get to determine what goes in it...I may need this post when he is fast asleep on the couch and I'd rather him be mowing the lawn ;)
I LOVE this pic. Sorry Big Daddy - know you didn't know about this either.
I am kind of sneaky that way ;)

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Anonymous said...

I always knew what a specail treasure I alwys had in my bother! I'm just so proud that even strangers get to find out too!