Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Little Bee...

Our Love...she is something else. There is just not a better way to say it.

She has had a bit of a rough few days. She has been to the pediatric urologist for a repeat sonogram to check on her kidney stones. The first time we had this done about 6 or so months ago, she did great...not a tear one. On Tuesday, she cried, I mean bawled for the entire 20 minutes and kept saying "Owwweeee Mommy, Owwweeee Mommy" and looked to me for help. I kind of blew it off as a painless procedure but she did have some red marks afterward. Would you believe this Momma broke into the "B-I-B-L-E" song and it calmed her for a bit. I think it may have frightened the nurse and he sped up the procedure. I still think she was just scared of the man and the sonogram wand. I wonder if she relates it to the laser treatments...hmmm... doubt it. We have the consultation with the doctor tomorrow to find out the results.

She had some funky bug bite on her ankle. The pediatrician thinks it is an ant or a chigger bite. I am not buying it but anyhow we have medication to help it heal. It got crazy puffy and red and was so itchy. She has had ant bites and chiggers and they have never had two small holes in the center or swelled up about the diameter of a baseball. I guess if the doctor isn't worried...I am certainly not going to be. Love just kept scratching and saying "Owww-sscchhh" You should hear her say is sad as the situation may be.

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