Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fresh Air...

So, our nephew hooked us up. He brought the kids an air hockey table he got from a friend in his band. Oh, by the here to his myspace to hear his newest song. Pretty dern good, huh? And I'm not saying that just because he's my nephew ;) He actually has 5 new songs...but I don't know how to get to all of them...I will letcha know when he tells me how. We have a cd of the songs...way better on the cd, while he still sounds great on the myspace, really it is no comparison to the cd, much more clear and sharp. He writes his own lyrics and music and does quite well. He is still waiting on the big break. Oh, Matt, if your mom got chills hearing your songs for the first if your looking to cover the female over 50 is sealed ;)

Ok, back to the post.

So, anyhow, we have the air hockey table now up in the game room. The kids love, love, love it! In fact, Big Daddy and I walked in from the dreaded trip to W*lMart and I heard laughter from upstairs. I was thinking...hmmm...who did the kids invite over while we were gone? And lo and behold if it wasn't Hunter and Faith playing a game...and folks there were smiles and laughter. I wanted so badly to run down and grab the camera. I felt like it needed to be documented. It is such a rarity. But instead, I stuck around and just watched. It has been so long since they actually laughed together. I have been told over and over and over it will get better. They are 15 months apart and seriously the most argumentative couple of kids I have ever heard. I've done given it to the Lord...He knows how much this Momma can handle :)
How do I keep ending up chasing rabbits? Focus...Fo-cus.

So, the little girls...they are all over it. "Mommy, can we play hockey?!" I betcha I hear that at least 10 times per day. We have had to make some adjustments...see the pic below for our short stack.But, trust me when I say it does not hinder her game in the least. She can score like the big kids. Hope ran down stairs saying in a thick country drawl, "Mommy, you would not believe what that child just did...she scored a goal on ME." Followed by loud, foot stomping running back up stairs to continue her match with Love.
Yep, she scored...I wondered what secrets Hunter was sharing with Love here..something sounds good to her though.
Hope trying to guard the goal...she found out pretty quickly this isn't tolerated too well...from either side.Yep, Love knocks another one in. Can you see Hope's expression in the reflection? Her mouth is wide open as if in disbelief.
Too much joy to keep contained. I love it!!!


Julie said...

Love those smiles! Can't wait to play some air hockey.

Anonymous said...

Wow My grandaughters rock at air hockey. They even smile the whole time except when the little one scores on the big sis. Seems like she is amazed at how well Love plays. By the way Hope you rock at soccer MiMi loves watching your skills on the field YOU GO GIRL!