Monday, May 4, 2009

Blog Makeover Give-A-Way!

Now y'all totally know it isn't from me...any of you that know me personally know I am about as technical as a toothbrush.

But, my friend Rebecca at Beloved is certainly offering an Ultimate Blog Makeover Give-A-Way. Click on the highlighted text to visit her blog. It is in honor of her 350th post. Even if you don't want the should go and check out her photography - AMAZING. She was the person who inspired me to go ahead and get a digital SLR. In fact, I tried to buy one she had for sale but had already sold. On her blog it was labeled sold but I still tried to get her to sell it to me...I was blind sided by the possibility :) She is a fellow adoptive Momma of a precious, precious little boy from China...he is adorable. She happens to have 4 other children who are every bit as beautiful. She even gives great photography tips to boot. But, enough from me...y'all go visit her...she'd love to have you.

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