Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The End of a Season...

Faith hit her stride in soccer. She has been playing soccer since she was 4, she has played in 3 cities because of our moves and she has experienced a lot of different coaching styles. I would have to say it is her "thing". It is one marker that she describes herself by. If you ask her what she likes, enjoys doing, or has a passion for soccer is most definitely high on her list.

I'd be lying if I told you enjoy all the practices, sitting in rain at games and washing those nasty uniforms or cleaning muddy cleat marks out of the car or carpet. There is a part of me that feels like it just takes up too much time. But, there is also another part of me that knows it is something that brings her joy, that lights her fire, that makes her feel part of a team, that gives her self confidence and that she truly excels at.

I am big reader of Dr. Dobson. I just get him and he helps me to understand what I maybe miss in my own little mind. Here a few things that I have read from him that have helped me to understand and embrace our Faith's love of soccer:

"It is our job as parents to help our children find their strengths and learn to exploit them for all the self-satisfaction they will yield" (She is good at soccer and she loves it)

"The greatest anxiety for an adolescent, far exceeding the fear of death, is the possibility of rejection or humiliation in the eyes of his/her peers" (She is equal on the field, they encourage and accept her)

"Today's generation of kids will go through some incredible pressures, maybe more than any generation in previous days." (On the soccer field, she is just a kid...no peer pressure and no feelings of - Am I pretty enough?...I think she gets to let go of all the Jr. High expectations and just play - playing, now there is a concept for a 13 year old)

Nice throw
Shot on goal!
Look of determination
Her famous body deflection - she does this at least once in every game
Totally won the ball
Yep, she gets this one too
A couple of her cutest fans ;)

Do you see that joy I was talking about? This was after her last game in 90 degree weather and the smile, well, it speaks for itself :0)

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Anonymous said...

How did I miss my grandaughters beautiful smile without a comment? I love her when she is smiling which sometimes is not often enough. I have the most wonderful young teen daughter and the most beautiful. MiMi is so proud of you Faith. Love watching play soccer.Go girl