Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Little Friendly Competition....

Well, this past Tuesday night we went to a semi-local eatery for a radio station competition our nephew had entered. Like I have told you before he is a country music singer, trying to make it. He ended up doing really well and won the competition and he gets to open for some semi big name country singer in a big town this Wednesday.

He kept telling us his biggest competition was a best friend's from high school brother. He was good but fortunately for Matt he totally didn't hold a candle to him this night. It was an all acoustic competition so he and his guitarist took the show. It was fun to watch him. You could see him getting more nervous as his time wore closer. But, once up there...he sounded like a real pro.

The little girls had a ball...they apparently like to dance to country music...who knew? They enjoyed the live music and the people. Matt had a very nice group of...groupies I suppose. He had quite a bit of family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. He can bring a crowd.

Well, here are some photos...good luck Wednesday Matt...and that is with both performances ;)
Hope and Big Daddy enjoying the show
The dancing cuties

Aunt Jan managed to get these two to not only pose close to one another but actually smile while doing it...she has some special talent folks.
Miss Heather and Love
Perhaps some last bits of encouragement from his dad
Making his way to the stage
Singing his two original songs The family
I was disappointed in my photos...I couldn't get the light right...either too bright or too dark or too much movement. It was pretty crowded and not quite the family atmosphere I had hoped for. So, I didn't push it too much and pretty much shot on either side without getting all up in some stranger's space. Jan had taken some photos of her own and she was kind enough to share them with me:0) It was a big boost of encouragement for our nephew...and so much fun to hoot and holler for him when he won!
On a side note...his Momma (Aunt Jan) is having surgery tomorrow on her neck/back. I know she is nervous and surgery is never fun and she could really use your prayers...if you'd lift her up I know we would all appreciate your support so much.
Aunt Jan...if your reading before the hospital...we want you to know we all love you so much and are praying hard for you...hang in there CAN do this! You know The Great Physician yourself and from everything I know...He is the best doctor in the world.....(((Big Hugs))) from the Harris family :0)

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