Monday, June 8, 2009

Da Pool...

We were invited over to my sil and bil house to swim and enjoy some hamburgers...which were totally good. The kids miss having a pool - it is one of the things we have missed as a family as far as the convenience of having it right in the backyard. But, we have the next best open invitation (which may later be retracted) to Uncle Kev and Aunt JuJu's house...SCORE! The pool was far too cold for me but everyone else seem to really enjoy it. In fact, Love was the last one out! She had a ball. She was perfectly content off on her own just kickin' back and floatin'. Hope wants to swim so bad she can taste it. And Faith was the diving board catching queen...she caught the little girls who were willing to jump off the diving board. She was a trooper. And Hunter, well, he did best at being an instigator...enough said there. The whole family was in the pool at one time - which is a rarity but fun. Here are the pics from yesterday...which is all you really wanted anyway.

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