Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Power of...

Just had to share my two most favorite products...when I used the action scrubber for the first time...I think the clouds parted and the sun made a brief appearance - y'all it is for real - cleans like no body's business. And the shower - well, she's been neglected ever since I ran out of the shower spray and she cleans two men at least once a day. It removed all the grime off the floor and stripped the hard water film off the door in about 2 minutes - no kidding. I got so excited I pulled the pad off and scrubbed the base boards (which were totally covered in hairspray - 4 girls, 4 heads of hair, the damage is going to continue) Anyway, if you haven't tried it and your into cleaning as much as I am - well, you should. It was about as rewarding as mopping a muddy floor or vacuuming up crunched up Cheetos out of the carpet...immediate gratification :)
These jewels here clean everything...the mess that happens when pasta boils over on your cook top that takes forever to hand scrub comes off so easily, your walls look cleaner, your sink shines brighter, your coffee pot looks newer, and your daughter's leather tennis shoes will be many little time. I am so spoiled.
I'd give up my diet DP to replenish either one of them. I started to say toothpaste - but y'all know me too well ;0)
Now, off to the next bathroom - the joys of being a domestic engineer. :0)

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Karen said...

I love the Magic Eraser! I've never tried the action scrubber. I'm putting that on my grocery list right now... it sounds like something I would like and we certainly can use! Thanks for sharing!