Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy 4th Forever Family Day Hope!!!

June 14, 2009 (posted 6/13)

Four years ago today we met the most beautiful little girl...Hope. She was quiet, easy going and gorgeous. She had a thick head of gorgeous black hair, a robust little figure and porcelain skin.
This day was a day we had waited finally hold our daughter.There was no greater feeling than to actually be able to hold this little baby of on her...get to know her...all this time she had only been in our hearts and now, now, she was finally in our arms :)
The first year home flew by...she changed in so many ways. From not being able to sit up or crawl to running, skipping and hopping. From no teeth to an entire mouth full of 'em. She was a bundle of energy just waiting to be nurtured and allowed to bloom. And bloom she did...bigger and brighter than we could have hoped for.
The second year went even faster. She continued to grow and learn. It became very obvious she was very bright and learning came easy to her. You tell her something or she hears it once and it is pretty much memory. At almost 3 she knew and could tell you about 30 nursery rhymes, she could sing countless songs. She donated her hair to Locks of Love (second donation coming soon) after these photos. She actually understood as well as a 3 year old can what she was doing and why.

Her 3rd year home she became a big amazing big sister at that. Life was different now, she was no longer the baby. But, she didn't care...her role as big sister was much more important to her. She still tries to take care of her to this day. She is very protective of her and loves her more than words could ever say. She began pre-K this year as well. She started Awana's and began going to Sunday school instead of big church with us. She truly began to spread her wings...and she found out she likes the freedom.

Her are some recent photos of her.

Her 4th year home will hold lots of firsts. She begins Kindergarten in August. She has 4 loose teeth and she may try dance or gymnastics.
So much has changed in the 4 years since we met. She has already moved into 5 new homes. Did great with every move and actually talks about what she misses from the past few homes. Thankfully, we are putting roots down where we are (we hope).
I still can't believe it has already been 4 years since we held Hope for the very first time. That feeling of butterflies, anticipation, overwhelming love and a tad of nervousness - it still rushes back to me when I think of sitting in that room waiting for our daughter (the last one brought in) to enter the room. Cold Chills to this day!
I knew we loved her deeply, I knew we wanted her to be home with us.
What I didn't know was how much she would change us. She has grown us. She has a wonderful spirit of adventure. She quite possibly could be my very first tomboy. She loves Spiderman more than any princess or doll. She likes boy toys, boy cartoons, and wishes she could go to the bathroom standing up. I have let go...I would have fought it with my older daughter but I have let go. It is just what she likes and besides..."girl stuff is boring". How can you argue with that...not a lot of high energy adventure in a tea party or dress up (unless it is a cowboy, pirate, sheriff or superhero)?
This child of ours...I wouldn't change a thing about her. She has a great big heart. She is just beautiful both inside and outside. She is full energy. She is never boring and therefore she is never bored. She loves Jesus and she loves her family. She is creative, she is a deep thinker. She is spunky and she is free spirited.
She will never fit inside the box, nor would I ever want her to.
My sweetest Hope -
My heart smiles so big because of you.
I love you more than all the stars in the sky!!

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