Monday, June 22, 2009

We Have A Pool!!

Oh people, know Big Daddy is on strike. Mi Mi bought a blow up one and we have been in it everyday since. The girls don't know the difference and they love running and jumping in it at their own height. In fact, Hope taught herself to swim under water! She is pretty good too. I sit out there and get some sun myself - watching them is so much fun!
All sun screened up
Love trying to swim like Hope

Hope going for it
Here she goes...notice Love's face

Still face down and kicking like a mad woman...notice the same look on Love's face ;)

And she is up for air...telling me how far she swam (as if it gets farther)
Love the keeper of the garden hose

Getting out is never fun when it isn't her idea - she'd stay in 24/7

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