Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drive In and ER - in that order

Friday night we (Faith and I) finally talked Big Daddy in going to the drive in to see a few films. We loaded up the family +2 friends and we headed out. We were about 1/2 way through the first movie when Love began crying. She said she had a boo-boo and was not herself. She usually says "bug bite" and it is over but this time she kept scratching and pointing at her foot. Well, about 5 minutes later her stomach, back and neck was covered in bumps and was hot to the touch and she was scratching herself uncontrollably. About a minute later she started saying "eyes" over and over and her eyes were swelling shut and she was scratching them too. We had already decided to leave the drive in and go to the store for Benadryl and cortisone ointment. But, right before we left she started telling us about her nose and you could see it was swelling as well. We did what any normal parents who have never experienced this before with their children. We freaked a bit. Then we went to the ER. Turns out she had an acute allergic reaction to....well, that is the kicker - no one could tell us. Perhaps something in the air, perhaps an insect bite, who knows - but...if it happens again (again...???) we should have her tested by an allergy doctor. They treated her with steroids and Benadryl and she was beginning to look like herself again with in 30-40 minutes and by morning she was as good as new. The pictures really don't capture how swollen and red our baby girl was - poor thing. It was scary and I think of myself as fairly educated on things of this nature.

Atop the 'burban at the drive in

Sweet little swollen face
Still smiling
And playful

And happy -she was ready to go home as were the rest of us

Our kiddos were such troopers. 4 teenagers in the ER waiting room for well over an hour at 11pm - not the night we had envisioned. Good news was nothing too serious. As for the ER we hope not to visit again - the drive in, on the other hand, we hope to visit a lot this summer! Oh, and we'll be packing Benadryl :)

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Angie said...

Poor little thing...I'm so glad it was nothing more serious. I'd be packing Benedryl,too!