Wednesday, June 24, 2009


"Who does this remind you of...the guy with the guitar?" asked Hope.
Big Daddy and I look at one another perplexed.
Hope bursts out "Kelsey!"
And if you squint your can see Kelsey up on the stage at Leaning Tree leading worship. Of course, you'd have to block out the shark and the snake in the cartoon but hey, what matters is that is who she saw when she watched it. In fact, she completely stopped the cartoon to give us a few seconds to try and figure it out. It was funny! Just so you know - Kelsey is tall, has dark hair, is usually smiling, plays the guitar and leads worship at our "home" church. Even Hope misses you Kelsey!! :)

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shaley said...

That is so funny! It really does look like him! He was cracking up when he read it, we cant believe she remembers him that way! That she was even old enough to pay attention to what he was doing... tell her we miss her too and hopefully we can come see yall soon!