Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Hope!!

To truly appreciate the on it to enlarge.

July 28, 2009

Life is some kind of wonderful being your mother.

You love with your whole heart. You enjoy being held, cuddled, hugged and loved on. You like to squeeze really tight and hold on. You share your love in actions, words and pictures. You are a real sweetheart. I love catching you being loving to your sisters and brother when you don't know I am looking. It is so pure and with no thoughts of the actions being reciprocated.

You love to laugh. You are funny. You like to tell jokes and are quick witted. You enjoy making people laugh. You have already figured out that life is fun. I love watching you when you are in your zone with someone and they are "getting" your jokes. It makes your eyes dance. You can see the joy it brings you.

You are an everlasting burst of energy. You run, jump, skip, and bounce all the time. You have a difficult time sitting still. You even read books and sing songs with enthusiastic motions and gestures. You really don't have many speeds in your daily routine (which may present a problem in kindergarten), you are our live wire. You are a ball of fire. You are the most beautiful little dynamo. Perhaps I can pass my college nickname of Hot Shot off to you :)

You are Miss Adventure. You dream big (you get that from Daddy). Everything changes for you from moment to moment. You are climbing a very tall mountain looking for bears and the next moment you may be a top your very own pirate ship shouting "Ahoy Matey!" You have been known to arrest many for anything from entering the kitchen to leaving the backdoor open. You are sometimes the sweetest sheriff in town welcoming friends in with a "Howdy Ma'am" and a tip of your cowboy hat. Other times you are a super hero out to save the world. I love how you immerse yourself in your imaginary roles. It is not only exciting to watch and experience it makes my heart swell to hear the passion behind your adventures. You bring a whole new level to the word the best way :)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! You Are Such a Gift!
I Love You More Than All The Stars In The Sky!!


Julie said...

Happy Birthday Hope!!! I can't believe you are already 5 years old. Could you please stop growing so fast? Aunt Ju Ju loves you so much and I hope you have a fun and happy day! I will see you at your party on Saturday :) I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE MY SWEET LITTLE GRANDAUGHTER!!!! MIMI thinks you are the smartest little girl in the world. Your also a great teacher for your sister Love. My how a year has changed you into a beautiful little girl with lot's of spunk,laughter, and yes funfunfun to be with! Oh and might I add the best darn soccer player to. Your sister Faith must have shared her skills hehe I love you bunches litle spidy see you Sat. LOVE, MIMI GRUNPY