Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Love!!

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July 31, 2009

Love...Love, Love. There is just not a better word to describe you. You are Love. You are the sweetest thing I have ever laid eyes on. You wake up smiling, and go to sleep smiling. You take a nap with a smile, you skip a nap with a smile. You are almost always laughing or have the cutest grin on your face. Everyone agrees your smile is not only contagious it lights an entire room. I love nothing more than walking a step or two behind you as you mosey through the aisles at WalMart and just watch the people watching you. Their whole demeanor changes. Their faces go from shopping mode to that of smiley happy people, they chat with you and they always tell Mommy and Daddy just how precious you are, as if we didn't already know ;)

You have such a little servant's heart already. You are eager to unload and load the dishwasher, fold laundry, hang up laundry and even put it away. You keep things going around here. As soon as the dryer beeps or the dishwasher gets quiet you let me know they are "keen". And you are pretty persistent about having me help you get things done. I think you have a hint of Ma Ma in you. I know I could get things done much quicker solo but the joy it brings you is worth the extra time. You take great pride in knowing what you have accomplished. You fold towels and place clothing on hangers every bit as well as I do. It truly amazes me. You also like to give all of your candy or gum away when you get it. You are not truly happy unless you are sharing. You like to go and get drinks out of the fridge and offer them to people as well. You are little Miss Hospitality.

You have such a passion for music. You prefer worship music. In fact, when we are singing our songs in the car many times I will see your little hand up in the review mirror. It makes my heart melt. It is the funniest thing - you just know the difference in the everyday music and the songs that hold weight when we sing them. I love that about you. Your most favorite children's show right now is Hi-5. You will sing the songs and do the motions and even though you are a complete syllable behind...your smile is bigger than Texas. You will ask, "Hi-5 pees Momma?" And once I put it on for you you always say, "Naynk you Momma, Hi-5" I love that Hi-5 gets you excited and and you can express yourself so well through the music. It is rewarding for you to mimic those songs and motions.

Speaking of, your manners are really coming along. You hardly miss a please and thank you and are coming right along with sorry and your welcome. You even thank me for changing your clothes, bathing you, fixing your are just so...well, thankful :) You understand almost everything anyone says to you. You may not be able to communicate with us that you get it but your eyes light up and if it is a get right to it. You are eager to please. Your vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. Although not everyone understands your words, for the most part I can decipher your meaning. You have begun using your own version of sign language when we have difficulty understanding your are such a smart girl! You currently have your own signs for washing your hands that is so fun.

Love you are an incredible blessing to our family. In fact, we all say we can not imagine life without you in did I ever live without you? I always tell people you are living, breathing joy, and there is just not a better way to describe you. You have captured our hearts. You maybe tiny but you love big. I still wonder how in the world we were entrusted to be your family. There is just no greater joy!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I Love You More Than All The Stars In The Sky!

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Love!!! I love you so much! You do light up a room when you walk in with that precious little walk you have and that awesome smile of yours. See you tomorrow at your party. Can't wait to see you open all of your birthday surprises!!!!