Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Flags - More Fun

So, my parents decided they were taking the grand kids to Six Flags for the day. Of course, they weren't crazy they wanted their moms to accompany them. That made for my parents, me and my four kiddos and my sister and her 3 biggest kids, the baby stayed home. They completely funded our trip. They really treated us. It was a great day for the visit - it had rained really hard in the early morning and it looked really cloudy all day. I think that kept most people from coming out because of the continued chance for rain.
We started off the morning with breakfast at McDonald's then we got to the park right when it opened. My dad and sister took off with the big kids and my mom and I hung out in Looney Toons land with my two little ones. It was fun and the girls had a blast. But, unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures of the big kids. Mi Mi was suckered into riding all the roller coaster type rides with Hope. Poor little Love was just too little to ride much of anything. She would be very disappointed when we would tell her she was too little. It was almost sad. She did enjoy a live music show with just my parents and they said she stole the if I'd assume otherwise ;)
Hope rode the George of the Jungle she calls it. She says she loved it but didn't want to ride it ever again. She was a trooper and had a blast. Love was potty training and didn't even have one accident the whole day...impressive. She was soo good.
Hope thought Bugs Bunny was Reader Rabbit. I had never been so proud :)
Hunter was able to ride all the big rides at least once and ventured out of his comfort zone more than ever before. Of course he had my nephew who is much younger showing him up and challenging him to ride the big rides.
All the kids are still talking about it. It was the most enjoyable day not to have to worry about anything. Dad had it all taken care of. Thanks Mi Mi and Grumpy - we loved spending such a fantastic day with you!
Scooby Doo fans
Plotting our next adventure

The Superman Chick
Wearing her Batman Cape that she begged for all day...Ninnie caved.

How she came around every time on this ride...too funny
On the Mini Superman
Our little aviator
Mi Mi and Love
Hope on her black must be black.
The whole gang!

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