Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All Checked Up...

Love and Hope had their 3 and 5 year old check ups yesterday. All is well with the two youngest Harris kiddos :)

Love is still as little as can be. She is 27 lbs and 33 in tall. She is our little teapot :) I spoke to her pediatrician about changing her given birth date. We had already had 4 other sources confirming our suspicions. It isn't just about her physical growth, it is her milestones as well. She is just now cutting her 2nd year molars. She said even if we were to move her back just 6 months she would only be at the 20% and 30% on her height and weight. She agreed with what we were already pretty sure we would do. While she agrees she appears to be at a minimum of 6 months younger it is a HUGE hassle and the only real thing that would be affected would be when she starts school and recreational sports. She didn't even think we should do any more xrays or tests, she feels sure of her date being off. Our pediatrician is completely comfortable taking care of both of these with a letter telling whom ever that we have a child that is not chronologically at the age her birth date would lead us to believe. That way we could keep her back a year if necessary in school or sports or both. She thinks Love is very bright, especially considering her age being off. She agreed that immigration is difficult on you if you already have your certificate of citizenship(COC). Which Love does. That we could go through the courts, have her birth date changed and when it came to the COC they could still deny to change it on one of her most important documents. Then we would have difficulty with her US passport and other, while we will know that she is younger, it will end here. So, enough about that. Oh, can I tell you something that made my day? Our pediatrician was doing Love's scoliosis check and commented on her J-Lo booty...she started laughing and said how cute her little caboose was...funny. Let me tell baby's got back :)

Love did end up with a shot. They used a new technique than we have seen before. She came in with a lollipop and cold spray. She sprayed her leg several times and gave her the lollipop and then gave her the shot. She never even cried. She knew it was coming other kids would have been crying just from the anticipation of the shot. She is so brave :) Our nurse just loved on her and hugged her...Love was smiling the whole time and even told her where to give her the shot. Nurse Tracey just kept telling her how precious she was - I told you she is a heart stealer.

Hope is growing fabulously...44 lbs and 44 inches...and she is solid. The girl has bigger guns than any of the girls in our house. Our pediatrician told us she would excel at athletics. She was built for swimming or gymnastics(I wanted to throw in soccer...but I refrained). She has the triangle...whatever that means. She is cut. She was in awe of her 6 pack too...the girl has never done a sit up in her life. She did perfect in her vision test and hearing test. All caught up on shots and ready for Kindergarten! How in the world did she become so long and lean so quickly. I remember her as the little squirt who couldn't even sit up at 11 months have come a long way baby!

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Anonymous said...

My little girls are growing up.Hope you've grown so much over the summer long lean soccer machine(just gotta love it)Love you not so much only means I can keep you my baby girl for alot longer. Your Heart is soooo big though so that makes up for your shorter body.You tend to win the hearts of everyone that comes in contact with you as well as Hope you girls are just beautiful little bundles of joy I love you both. Good luck in school this year I know you will do so well. Love MIMI Grumpy