Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leaving Saturday...

The view from our balcony on the beach :)

We leave Saturday for our vacation. We will be making the trek across the states via suburban. It is a 12 hour straight drive...if you don't eat or stop to use the facilities. Well, we will most definitely not skip a meal and with a little one potty training...we will stop...A LOT. So, if I remember from our last trip, it took us about 16 hours. 16 hours in the car with four kids ages 14 to 3...jealous?

This will be our 5th vacation to this area. As a family, it is our most favorite beach. Who knew water could be so blue right here in the states? We sure didn't until we finally visited. We are hooked. We always book through Have you ever used it? The deals you will find by renting through the owner and not a booking agency is fantastic! And the owners are so accommodating.

I looked up the forecast, things are looking well, wet. The chance of rain is in the forecast everyday and the chance increases to 60% from Wed. on. We leave Sun. morning to come back home. We are going to enjoy the view, the water and the weather anyway. It is just going to be nice to hang out as a family, we get our kids all to ourselves, all at the same time...:)

I am excited to see Love's reaction to the water. All of our kids have loved it and the sand. I am sure she will love it as well. I will miss not having my mom and dad there. They have been there every time our children have experienced the ocean for the first time. I promise to take lots of pictures.

My intention is to keep updating the blog while on vacation. But, if I get too relaxed, it might not happen. But, I do use this blog as my scrapbook so I am going to make every effort. Hopefully I will talk to you Sunday night...unless something happens between now and then worth blogging about.

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Anonymous said...

My little Harris family, I will miss getting to go and see Love's first time at the beach. But....her mommy says she will keep me posted (she better) hehe. I hope the trip is great and I will miss my grandkids so much. No fighting on the way ,while your there, or on the way home Faith, Hunter ,Hope and Love. well and the grown ups also.I love you all and hope your trip is a true family blessing as you will be in MIMI's favoriate place. Have fun for me too. Love and Hugs to all of of you. Be Careful!! Send Pictures too(:. hehe Toodles MIMI