Monday, August 10, 2009

All Day at the Beach

The view this morning. We saw lots of dolphins and even a stingray. The water cleared up over night. The water was gorgeous.
Does life get any better? Well, not if your Daddy :)
Our little sand lover
Who also happens to love being in the water and floating.
The big kids looked like this most of the day. You can see a lot silver fish every time the sand moves. Hunter caught a cool little striped fish with "wings" and Faith caught one of the quick silver ones with the nets.
The little girls started to bury Big Daddy, I had to finish. He enjoyed this too much.
Faith in her ring...with one hand of nails painted and the other...not so much.
We spent the day at the beach with only a short lunch break. We have our canopy up and just hung out. We are headed to Capt. Jack's tonight for all you can eat seafood...ummm, yes please! I think we will go to St. Andrew's Park to look for the alligators as well.

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Anonymous said...

Gee this makes me home sick. LOL I love the pictures of everyone looks like they are having a ball. Dad is jealous so be sure to eat enough crab legs for him too! Me not so much but if they have fried shrimp go ahead and do it for me. Nice big dessert would be nice also. Hunter I have enjoyed our conversations so much. Thanks for letting mom take pictures as I so enjoy them. Have a great time tonight and until tomorrow I will wait on my new pictures.I love you all. MiMi Grumpy