Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Beachtastic Experience!

We made it here quite a bit quicker than we had expected. The kids did amazingly well. Love slept for 10 hours with the exception of one time out of her car seat. Hope slept at least as long. Faith and Hunter did great. All in all our trip so far was much better than we expected. We have a beautiful condo and the view is incredible. We have some sea weed washing around in the shallow and would LOVE for it to just go away. It has been known to do that would make the view and the swimming so much more enjoyable. We have 4 kids that are crazy about the beach and 2 parents that are crazy about the kids. So, in essence, Big Daddy and I are having a fabulous time just getting to witness all the joy. In fact, Hunter and Faith actually had quite an interaction in the ocean...and they both laughed a lot and smiled...shhhh...don't tell anyone. But, without going is Love's first time to the beach in photos. Y'all this little girl of ours is having the time of her life :)
First Steps Ever on the Beach...I think she likes it :)

A shovel is a must
Thinking About It Lovin' It!

Almost magical...

Just the sweetest little feet :)

Had to throw this one is so typical Hope. Just for the record the girl can jump a wave :)

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Anonymous said...

This brings tears to my eyes. I missed Love's first time at the beach. She does look so happy to be there though. I love the pictures thanks for sharing. Tell the big kids I miss them too. Hope you jump really hi. Jump in the ocean for MIMI too. Have a great time and remember I miss you all. Take care and send more pictures. Love MIMI Grumpy