Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Day Without the Sun...by Choice :(

Well, today had to be one of those no sun days. Unfortunately three of our six member family was sunburned after all day in the ocean yesterday. We replenished sunscreen but it still didn't matter. Big Daddy is like lobster red on his back...ouch! Needless to say today's weather was absolutely breathtaking...it was hard not to be at the beach or in the pool.

We started the day off slow and left our condo about noon to eat lunch. We ate at Five Guys Burgers. It was delicious...a little on the meaty side but delicious none the less. We then browsed the shops of Pier Park. Later in the evening we went to St. Andrew's State Park. We took some pictures and caught some of the "magic time" that you only have so little of right before sundown. We even tried some family photos. Not great but when you have six faces that have to not only look but smile...well, your expectations just drop to - were they present in the photo? Oh how things have changed. It was a bit windy and and my hair looks like it wants to take flight. Against my better judgement I am including these photos...only to make my Mom happy. We then went to the Alligator Look Out and saw some gators, did some flip flop fishing and took a few more pics. Then off to DQ and go carts. Big Daddy and both big kids road the go karts. The pics turned out just awful because of lighting. Poor little Love was heartbroken when she found out our turn wasn't right after Big Daddy went. She had tears and all. So...we took her sweet little self to the Merry Go Round in Pier Park and she was beaming...in fact, she told me..."Mom, Dat Mun, Mun, Mun" translation fun, fun, fun! She had her arms spread apart and flailing them to emphasize the funs...too cute! Well, we have some tired kiddos and parents here so enough gabbing...here is what you came for...the pics :)

Hope "trick" riding with no legs or arms...what a dare devil!
Love right after she got off the Merry Go Round...pleased as punch.
Fighting all I can not to be vain and just delete this photo, doesn't help that Big Daddy is so photogenic...
My eldest and youngest girls
Our two eldest kiddos...rare but beautiful moment
The family photo...all 6 present...check
Sweet Love
My Man and I
A little brotherly love
Handsome Hunter
Beautiful Faith
Adorable Hope
Family picture take 2...out of about 8
My greatest gifts


Angie said...

Sorry, but I have to disagree...your photos are ALL beautiful! I love beach photos because they look more natural and even if that hair is flying in the breeze (did you happen to see my beach-hair in a photo on my blog?)...it's all part of the fun. Hope those sunburns are feeling better so you can enjoy the beach again!

Anonymous said...

Gee what a beautiful family I have. Thanks for the pictures now we need to have them developed so I can put them up in my home. I've only waited how many years for this? I love them even if you are to critical of yourself dear one. You are beautiful and so enough said. Send more pictures at least I feel like I am a part of this with the pics coming in every day. L:ove you all MIMI

Kasey B. said...

great pictures, beautiful family!!