Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pontoon Kind of Day...

Today started out with a 6am walk on the beach with Big Daddy and I. It was relaxing and fun to just get an hour away as a couple. We then made plans to head to Destin but the weather was a bit iffy and with the hour drive it takes to get there, we weren't willing to chance it. So we decided to do a pontoon boat over to Shell Island. We went to rent one for the afternoon and the salesman scared Big Daddy a bit by telling him a big storm was brewing and he wouldn't go out in it. So we left and expected a day at the beach dodging hit or miss showers. About 12:30 we looked out and it was gorgeous and the hour to hour forecast took out the rain. We loaded up very quickly and headed off for the pontoon. We rented a big boat to accomodate all our passengers since Big Daddy's sister and her family are here as well. We found tons of sand dollars, spotted some nice fish, dolphins and even a sting ray. It was fun and the little girls did amazingly well. They are such little Miss Independents. They like to venture out and be explorers. I love that about them, at least for now, not so sure when they hit 15 :) All the kids did a bit of driving and we rode around for almost all 5 of our hours. I have no pics because I only used a waterproof camera for fear of my own.

When we got back we made the decision to eat cheap (something we already had in the condo) and we would splurge for Dippin Dots. It is a family vacation tradition. We do it only on vactation because the stinkin' things aren't near worth the money but the kids love 'em. So we went to Dippin Dots and had coffee latte, banana split, and cotton candy.

It has been lighting up a storm. It is supposed to rain all day tomorrow but we will see....we beat it today, so who knows.

We came home, the big kids are in the indoor pool and we are planning a trip to Destin tomorrow morning for jet skis. I hope it will be all that we have remembered. I can tell you this, Panama City Beach has absolutely grown by leaps and bounds in the two years since we have been here. Here are the only pictures of today...
The sunset this evening...captured by Hunter
Dippin Dots, the empty one is Big Daddy...surprised?
The family and their beloved dots


Angie said...

I wanna come on vacation with you guys...pontoon boat rides are awesome. You can see so much, and just relax during the ride. As for dippin' dots...they freeze my mouth like crazy!! Thanks for sharing all your fun.

Anonymous said...

Awh for Dippin Dots. Not a trip to Fl. without them. Crab legs, beach, pool, pontoon boats,Putt Putt you name it its there. Sweet Sweet Family I have. MIMI