Friday, August 14, 2009

Destin and Back...

Yesterday we decided to head to Destin for a day of wave runners and a pontoon boat for Crab Island. Once there we quickly learned neither my sister in law or myself would be riding a wave runner. I left my license at the bank drive through the day we left (which I realized after they closed) and Aunt JuJu left hers at the condo. So we did what any normal girls would do....we went to Wal Mart. The boys and Hope all rented a couple of 3 seater wave runners. They had a lot of fun but the dolphins didn't come up around them like they did for us a couple of years ago nor did the water look good. It was covered in sea grass and not blue at all. Both wave runners ended up tossing the boys and Hope in the water so I am thankful I didn't go. I don't much care for the dark and deep water. I would have freaked...I know me. I prefer the clear water. So, we nixed the pontoon and came home for some time on the beach and in the pool. Later in the evening after dinner we returned to the pool until it closed.

Today and tomorrow we are making no plans to do anything other than the beach and the pool. Just relax. The boys may try for a fishing trip in the morning but we waited pretty late to get one scheduled. Hopefully Hunter can fish somewhere...he is dying to go.

I have some pics of the little girls at the beach...they love to be in the water and dig in the sand. It is so easy to please them. This vacation has exceeded my expectations with the kids. I wasn't sure how the little girls would do but they have done fabulously! I know it is a place we will return to as they grow up. We have been coming to the beach since the big kids were only 3 and 4, for 10 years now. Some of our best family memories are made here at the beach.

Sandy Sisters :)
Writing her name in the sand...I love the shadow :)
At the pool -"wimmin"
Her orange super power seashell finding glasses...she may be wearing a Tinkerbell swimsuit but according to her she is the orange superhero.
See how clear the water is? Of course not you are distracted by Hope :)
Sweet Love
Playing in the ocean
Beautiful Beach Baby!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girls you are the prettist little beach babes around. Where is the big sis? She too is quite the little looker. Love the beach picture of you with the grass behind you girl. Too pretty.I can see your having a great time I so wish I could've been there too. I miss it so much . Maybe in another yr or so. Then MIMI will be too old):. Have a great day see you in a few days. MiMi