Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last Day in Panama City

Started off the day around 5 am. The boys left for a bay fishing trip for half a day. When they got home and cleaned up we went to lunch. We decided on the resort's own little restaurant. It was really good. I had the Blackened Mahi Mahi salad...

You could sit at your table and people watch and of course watch the waves roll in. We had the best service of the entire trip right within our own resort.
Their lemonade was fact we went through two pitchers of it. But it made your face do this, they got a kick out of it so of course I agreed to a photo.
Then we headed off to mini golf. Faith did really well.
Hope ended up with 2 hole in ones! Here is after the second one :)
This is where little Love would "tee off" every hole. She'd walk her ball and her club right up to the hole knock in on the first swing. She was so proud of her sweet little self. I couldn't help but laugh.
We came home and did a lot of this...there were a lot of weddings on the beach tonight. We also wanted one last night of watching the water for creatures.
And we did a lot of this too. Just hanging out and listening to the waves crash. Here is faith on our balcony...excuse the patio door fingerprints. I will miss this most of all.
Then we headed to Capt. Jack's for all you can eat crab legs...before (several plates to follow)
And after. We eat our weight in these tasty good!
So we begin our journey bright and early around 5 am to get out of here by 6. We will be on the road for the 16 hours following that....oh how I hope we can get some sleep on the way home. We are tired from vacation. Beach vacations are so much fun but they are a lot of work too. Especially with young children. The big kids are pretty self sufficient but carrying two young 'uns down and all that they like to play with to the beach and back...well it can wear a woman out. See you next time Panama City - thanks again for the memories :)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you have to leave this beautiful place but....I miss my grandchildren !Thanks for the memories of your vacation via pictures loved every minute of it. Of course I would have loved it more had I been ther too. Maybe next time. For your information I have the best looking kids and grandkids around yep I sure do!!! See you soon have a safe trip home. Love MiMi