Sunday, August 16, 2009

Proof the Parents Were There Too...

One last recommendation...if you are ever in Panama City Beach and you like the smoky flavor of good barbecue, you must try the Smokin' Tuna Dip at Bootleg BBQ. Our entire family loved it. It was unusual but soo good! Smoked yellow fin tuna and bit of bite in the sauce they mix it up with...I'm telling you, I am not a huge tuna fan but I was sold on this.
My big kids :)
My little kids :)
Daddy and Faith
Hunter despises having his photo taken. I think it runs in his family :) I don't push it too often but I did get some on the beach. I am happy with that. I just wanted it on record we were present here on case you wondered.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how i missed being there with you all. It took all I had to not jump on a plane and head down there. I am glad the vacation was a success! Glad you came home when you did as a Tropical Storm is expected to land . Yep it was but changed to Tropical Depression instead. Whew you got out before it came.YES!! I hope to see you all today will try to let you rest a little while. Love MiMi . Hunter thanks for the day to day info on what was going on. You rock !