Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Wheelin'

Look who shed her training wheels tonight.
She was so excited that Big Daddy brought her, her bike and Love up to soccer practice where I was with Faith. And she got to show her new no training wheels riding self to everyone. Woo Hoo!
She is so tickled with herself and we are so proud of her. She has been telling us she thought she could do it. Big Daddy took her trainers off and he said 2 seconds later - poof! A two wheeler rider :)
She kept looking up to smile for the camera, she knew it was a blogging moment :) Way to Go Hope!!! Growing up so fast!
My apologies for the photo quality...I had no camera at practice and by the time we finally got home - it was pitch black outside. Still the day had come and this Momma was ready to brag a bit on Hope :)
When we came in from soccer Hope said, "Well, I am 5 now. I can ride my bike without training wheels. Aaaannd I am fixing to start Kindergarten."
It is all happening too fast. sniff. sniff.


Angie said...

Way to go, big girl!! I love the way she said she was "fixing" to go to kindergarten...cute southern lingo!

Anonymous said...

Wow Hope so when you turn 5 you can do amazing things right. I am so happy for you. MiMi will come by and see you do that later. Look out on WB street she's driving now.hehe MiMi