Friday, August 28, 2009

A Little Help Here....Sort Of

Ever since school began, 3 long days ago, our schedule has had to be adjusted. Namely our dinner time. Big Daddy is used to coming in from work and pretty much sitting down to dinner. He is famished when he gets home. After all, it has been 4.5 hours since his last meal by the time he gets home at 4:30. Well, with picking up Hunter at 4:00 and still traveling to get Faith from my Mom's it just isn't hitting at 4:30. It is closer to 5:00. Anyway...last night I was getting all the chicken off a couple of rotisserie chickens for dinner. At the same time I had several pots boiling water for our sides. I asked Big Daddy to put the green beans in and also to put the tea bags in. Which he did - photographic evidence to follow:
Green Beans (for 6 mind you) were placed in the boiling water in the 1 quart pan, notice the overflow?
And here are our tea bags in the 2.5 quart pan, wading safely at the bottom in minimal water

Just so you completely understand why I was perplexed by his choice of placing 1lb. of green beans in such a small pan and the 2 tea bags in such a large pan - well, here:
You see?
I am beginning to think there is something to that theory of men who "pretend" not to get it even when they do. Because they know they will not be asked to do it again. And because the couch is more comfortable than standing over a hot stove. He even asked me why the pan was so small for the green beans. Which puzzled me even more, because I was not looking over his shoulder. I mean, I was deboning a cooked chicken for goodness sake.
Do you know what I've learned?
1. If you ask for help, you have to be willing to accept all kinds of results.
2. It takes a long time to scrape boiled over green beans off the stove top.
3. Oh, and tea is a tad bit weak when you only put tea bags in a cup of boiling water.
I wouldn't even post this if I thought he had honestly tried. But, he snickered when I suggested he pulled the 'ole "I don't get it" routine. He thinks he is so good. And, I guess he is...because he will now be lounging on the couch until dinner is ready. Stinker. :)
On a sidenote - yes, I know my pans are in pitiful condition - poor little fellas, they work hard around here ;)


Anonymous said...

Poor helicopter inspector, maybe some more kitchen duty would help him with his understanding of the size of pots.But don't put too much pressure, just start him out with baby steps, like cleaning the stove and washing the pans. I'm so sure that my brother is a fast learner, that he would pick it up in no time! (HA HA) but I still mean it!Love always! the oldest sister, Jan

Angie said...

I think those pans look pretty darn good for the trauma they just endured! Men...dumb like foxes, aren't they??