Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They're Baaaacckk....

Yesterday was the first day back to school for the kiddos. Some looked forward to it, others...not so much. It was also the first day that all 4 of my children would be gone to school. Big Daddy took the day is tradition. He has been doing it for the first day since the big kids started PreK. The kids love it. He was able to take Faith and her friend and Hope to school. I had Hunter and his friend and Love. It is going to be much harder solo on Tues. and Thurs. It will be four different schools for four different kiddos. They start from 7:50 to 8:20. Sounds easy enough until you factor in morning traffic, walking Love into her class, and then there is the fact it takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to get through each child's individual school traffic. It can't be done well. I will have to drop Hope off at 7:45 (15 minutes early), hurry like mad to get to Love's class by 8:00 drive back across town to get Faith to school by 8:05 and then turn back around and get Hunter to school by 8:20. It could all be alleviated by taking the big kids early but with big kids...there is no hurry to get there early. In fact, there is no hurry to get there - in their eyes.

Hunter is a FRESHMAN!! I can not believe it...yesterday it was preK and now - HIGH SCHOOL...ugh! He was a little excited a little apprehensive. The school is huge and there are 770 Freshman alone in his high school this year. Crazy huh? He is back at the bottom of the totem pole. He really is not a school loving kid. He does it because he has to but like most kids, boys especially, he'd rather be outdoors hunting or fishing or both :) He is in Spanish, Algebra 1, and branching off into the world of Agriculture, they have some cool classes on evaluating soil and wildlife, an Aggie in our future?? Perhaps. I still can't believe my baby boy is a freshman. He said his day was long, he stayed lost and their was one teacher he really liked. But he couldn't remember who she was or what class...just that it was a lady. Isn't he one for details?

Faith is beginning her 8th grade year. She has been looking forward to the first day of school for a while. She isn't super excited about classes but to wear all her new clothes and is all about fashion and catching up with friends. She is also in Spanish, Pre-Algebra, and looking into volunteering at the Elementary schools in a course to help young 'uns read. Reading is her thing. She is hoping there will be no trouble in switching a course. She had enrolled in a course to give her high school credit in technology. Well, our fine state up and decided in late July that they would change the course requirements for graduation and it is no longer necessary. So, as she said, "Why waste the time?" Sounded perfectly reasonable to me. She said her day was good, the new lunchroom was awesome and they put all the 8th graders together in one lunch...finally. She dislikes not having more friends in her classes...I think it is to her advantage, she doesn't see it that way.

Hope....Hope is now an official Kindergartner. I am still in shock. I missed having that little one around all day. I never knew how much of my daily conversational skills were honed in on her. She is that fireball that you definitely know when she's not around. She was a little nervous but had Daddy walk her to the gym (all the kids meet in there first for announcements and stuff) and then onto her actual class. She was doing good and playing with play doh when Big Daddy left her...sounds just awful doesn't it? I was busy carting the other kids to their schools and Big Daddy had specifically asked to be the Kindergarten drop off...yes, I was a bit jealous. It did save me from crying though. We took her lunch...something totally unhealthy but her favorite. Chicken E tenders and fried okra with sweet tea. She seemed to be adjusting but still a little nervous. Hope said her favorite things were that she had two snacks, played on the playground twice...they have vines you can swing from and they have bongos. Today she gets to play with foam blocks and they are having cheese nachos for lunch. Today she wants to buy her lunch...and you have to have real money. Oh they grow up so fast.

And lastly, little Love began her speech articulation class. She wasn't herself all morning. She was in a bit of a funk. I think she knew this "school" thing was coming and she was supposed to be excited but she wasn't really sure what all the fuss was about. I walked her into her classroom and they wanted to do the distract and leave quietly procedure. I complied but only after kissing her on the forehead and telling her I hope she had a good time. 11 o'clock did not come soon enough. We saw the 5 little kiddos heading to the office with both teachers and there were already two ladies blocking Love's view of us. She had that look. The one that makes this Momma's stomach ache. Seriously. The look of confusion, uncertainty and distress. Bless her heart. I made sure to worm my way into her view and she was such a happy camper after that point.

I am sad to see the summer go. It went far too fast and the kids are just getting big. I don't particularly like that the school has my children more awake hours in the day than I do. I do however feel very confident in dealing with my lack of teaching ability. So, they are in the best place for the current time. I see wings spreading and grown ups in progress. I am proud of my children. They are good kids. I hope to be the encouragement they need and less of the nagging mom. Who really likes to be the one asking day in and day out:

Have any homework? Really? When did you do it? Is it done correctly? Neatly? What about projects or group work? You need any help? Have you asked your teacher about it? Should you go to tutoring or after school help? Any tests coming up? Really? Have you studied? How are your grades?

And the only answers that usually come back are: Yep...I don't know...probably not, OK....and, what's for dinner?
The four Harris kiddos...embarking on another school year. Can you tell the two more experienced school kids lack the zeal the little ones have?
The backpacks - Ni Hao Kai-Lan and Hello Kitty - both picked out completely by their owners.
The look of Hope in the gym with the entire school, a tad bit of overload.
The look when Big Daddy left, more stable environment
Leaving her first day of speech class and the glimpse of her looking for us and not seeing us...killed me.
The look...close up and a little early, it got worse. Does it break your heart or what?
Hope at lunch with Love stealing a two finger dip in the ketchup.
Big Daddy and Love on our way to pick up Hope. Her school is literally right behind our house. In the heat the walk feels longer than it is. I am ready for some fall temperatures :)
School bus cookies from MiMi...she had to bring them by to her kiddos and check in on them for their first day back tales.
All in all a very productive day. And guess what? Tomorrow it starts all over again :)


Angie said...

Such sweet memories and what a cool idea for daddy to be home that first day. BTW, I love Hope's Superman t-shirt! Fried okra?? Never had it!

Anonymous said...

My babies are so grown up all in school.(sad). I love them and couldn't wait to see them after school but....couldn't find them. Hunter had told me they were at soccer practice for Faith. again not there. So picked him up and said hey Hunter they aren't at soccer. Oh they aren't. No. Waited a while and got a call seems to me they had a scrimmage in the big C. Well. you see it was a little late before the cookies arrived. Hunter helped eat some before the little girls and Faith had a chance. Big brothers are that way you know.All in all they had a great first day onto the next. Good luck for the rest of the school year make it a great one! Hunter that means you too. Faith work hard and keep up with the homework life will be so much easier if you do. Hope I am so proud of how well you've done staying a t school all day. I do miss our conversations though. Love you are the sweetest little pre K girl I know. I love you all MiMI.