Tuesday, September 22, 2009


First Day of Fall...
Fall has already made herself at home here. It was cool enough for a light jacket this morning and a warm cup of coffee on the go.

I love this time of year. It is time for new. New fruits, new veggies and even new neighbors. We have 4 homes across the street that are finally filling up with families. They have been sold for months, it seems. It is fun to imagine who might have purchased which home and then getting to see who actually did. We aren't very good guessers. We have no more construction in our immediate area...we are all done with the noise. Yes! Well, there is the neighbor a street over that has a dog that could give a bullhorn a run for its money. People, please put your dog inside...just saying.

It will be one week post op tomorrow. Looks good, huh?

Both Hunter and Hope have been sick. Love is still healing well from her surgery but getting the allergy/sinus stuff. Faith is still hanging tough. We've been to the pediatrician twice in the past week. I always say...if you aren't sick when you get there you will be when you get home. It hasn't failed me yet. The flu was swarming in the waiting room. Hopefully my girls flum*st was already in effect, they got it several weeks ago. Of course when Love, Hope and I entered the waiting area it was like the seas parted. People were moving and breaking right and left to give us plenty of room. I guess they assume the worst when they see Love's little face. It made me kind of laugh...people. I told our doctor about it. She said..."people are so stupid when it comes to things like that". I'd have to agree. I had the crud for a few days but feel so much better now. Big Daddy has been sick off and on and will be enduring some surgery next month. It should help his chronic sinus trouble and this just may be a cure for his snoring. (Insert marching band and balloons and stadium cheers here) Not that I don't love him just the way he is ;) He isn't doing the surgery because of the snoring...it is just a possible glorious side effect. Hallelujah!

Soccer is in full swing. Faith is on a select team this year. She has been playing both indoor and outdoor. Although her outdoor games have been cancelled due to rain. Hope played her first game last week. Tore it up. In fact she was recruited to play on a U7 girls team in a tournament in San Antonio. We will already be there with Faith's team. They are both really excited about playing. Faith isn't so crazy about the whole conditioning...he works them out hard. It does her body good. Hopefully I'll have pictures soon. We have games this weekend - weather permitting :)

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